Faisal Siraj

Faisal believes that blending several modalities of change work (hypnotherapy , NLP , EFT and conversational resolution to unconcious symbols ) helps a great deal in empowering individuals and groups in getting beyond any perceived limitations . 


Having been trained directly by John Grinder Roy Hunter and Beryl Comar among others all of which have had genuine impact on the methods and modalities of choice whether in change work context or in training corporations  . 

Faisal's intention is to grow awareness of the uses of NLP in physical health issues ranging from physical pain to chronic ailments 

In terms of training , Faisal focuses on training groups and families on communication , Transformational language as well as very specific topics such as belief systems and Ericksonian Language . 


Faisal Holds a Bachelor degree in international marketing from American university in London .