Rania Laing

Rania is an emotional intelligence expert that helps her clients gain new perspectives and behaviours that enables them to achieve the changes they want. Using multiple mind and energy modalities including Personal Coaching, mBIT, NLP and Hypnotherapy, Rania’s techniques are completely client focused.  She believes that no two people are the same, therefore every client requires their own personal change strategy. Only by understanding oneself at the deepest level, can one find freedom from learned behaviours and limiting beliefs. Knowing one’s values, learning to navigate using emotions and strengthen one’s ability to recognise positive and negative thinking patterns can really empower the achievement of one’s personal and professional goals. 

In addition to private practice, as an Executive Coach and Marketing Expert, Rania's drive is to leverage her corporate experience to empower and develop leaders in all industries. Rania has over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world, with an established reputation for driving innovative strategies that deliver radical results. Known for her unique ability to turn ground-breaking ideas into reality, she has the talent to empower and coach managers and leaders to believe and deliver in what previously seemed to be the impossible. 

Passionate about developing future marketing leaders that delivered measurable ROMI, Rania has worked with marketing leading brands such as Landmark Group, New Look, Koton, Reiss, Lipsy and Yours. Her approach is radically different, delivering innovative campaign strategies, exceptional stakeholder and negotiation management, strategic budget management, and excellent planning and implementation.

Personal change can address any aspect of a client’s life from relationships to career. Ultimately emotional intelligence impacts all areas as it enables them to improve how they interact and react to other people.  Its people that make up the work, home and leisure environments.  As positive change occurs in one area, all other areas of life can improve.

“I love that moment when my client realises that the heavy burden they have been carrying for years, often for their whole lives, has finally been lifted!”  

Clients are able to achieve goals that they previously had thought were impossible from stopping smoking to improved relationships and self-image as well as financial success and career performance.

Major life changes can often be overwhelming, be them becoming an expat, suffering serious illness or surgery, changing jobs, having a family or handling relationship difficulties.  Having overcome infertility, during her pregnancy Rania experienced emotional turmoil and confusion that she had never expected.  

“Finally I was pregnant.  Deep rooted negative beliefs that I had been unaware of started to surface and they undermined my happiness.  I was in constant fear, I felt I had so much more to lose than before.”  Hypnosis and NLP helped her work on her limited beliefs, accelerate her recovery from the birth and embrace motherhood with joy, confidence and calmness.

The greatest tool is the ongoing commitment to examine her own patterns and programming. Rania is a big believer in the philosophy that action leads to insight and is a committed to her own learning and self improvement.

Rania has formal credentials as NLP Personal Coach (IPCC), NLP Master Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and mBIT Coach.  Her intention is to empower as many people as she can reach.  

Rania is also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK with a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and a BA Honours degree in Fine Art.  Her love of the mind began at university with the study of semiology and the use of signs and symbols in graphic design, branding and advertising