Rita Baki

Managing Partner

Rita inspires people to make change and realize that they can live the life they dream of.  She is passionate, and works from a place of love which she feels her clients can sense with her energy.

Rita practices a broad range of techniques to help her clients achieve their goals.  Using a combination of NLP, Reiki, EFT, hypnotherapy and coaching, her methods are effective and tailored for every individual.

“When we learn how our mind works, and understand that we can heal through different energies and states of consciousness, we have the ability to change every single aspect of our lives. Knowing this, I can teach my clients how to get rid of whatever they feel is holding them back. I instill a sense of confidence and power in them, and teach them to believe that they have the capacity to accomplish anything and everything.”

Emotional intelligence has played a critical role in Rita's life for nearly a decade when a traumatic incident let her devastated. “I was driving down a highway in Beirut with my children in the car, and out of nowhere we hit a man who had decided to walk across the fast lanes instead of using the overhead pedestrian bridges. For the first few hours I had no information on him. I had no idea if he was alive or dead. The children were in shock and I was overwhelmed with thoughts that there could be a long term effects on them as well as what could have happened to him. When we received the news that he had survived with a broken leg and several broken ribs, I knew a miracle had happened, one that I thank God for infinitely. However, I had no clue of how difficult it would be for me to recover,” explains Rita.

Consumed with feelings of fear, anger and guilt, the accident preceded many sleepless nights and tense, stressful days. It catapulted her into the field of self-healing in order to find answers, resolve her emotions and gain peace.

“I discovered trauma healing and Reiki. I was in complete awe of their therapeutic effects. They helped me let go of the accident and its aftermath, and ever since, my life has revolved around helping others through mind and energy work for self-improvement.”

The power of the subconscious mind never ceases to amaze Rita. She believes her purpose involves teaching people how to connect with their subconscious and realize that they have this infinite capacity for change. With this empowerment weight can be lost, destructive habits can be broken, addictions ended, diseases cured, and heartaches healed. She helps her clients find it within themselves to do absolutely anything they want to do.

Rita’s love for teaching and training has kept her in the educational field for nearly 20 years. She started her career as a teacher having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Post Graduate diploma in Language Arts.  Later becoming a Head of Department, and a college registrar with a Master's Degree in Quality Management.  She decided to acquire The Change Associates with her business partner, Tanya Fakhoury, to offer the highest quality international courses, licensed from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai.

Rita is a certified Consulting Hypnotist, an NLP Master Trainer and NLP Coach, an EFT practitioner, an EQ specialist, a Reiki Master and practitioner, a member of the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming USA and the National Guild of Hypnotists USA.