Team building and effective performance

Successful companies realise that for surviving and thriving in a competitive market, everyone needs to be involved. In an effective team, all members are committed and responsible for output. Because of this, team building skills are important not only for those who lead teams, but also for those who work as part of a team. This carefully structured, hands-on workshop equips both leaders of teams and team members with the vital skills they need to build powerful teams. 

Course outcome:

  • Define the qualities of an effective team and how their team matches up 
  • Understand the dynamics of team management from both internal and external perspective 
  • Gain an understanding of group processes within the team and their preferred methods of working 
  • Develop techniques of positive and assertive communication 
  • Develop and practice listening and feedback skills 
  • Examine their influencing styles and develop a model for making a case 
  • Develop group-work skills through practical exercises in information sharing and problem solving 
  • Examine and practice the processes of group consensus and decision making 
  • Examine and develop means of increasing the creative power of the team 
  • Develop personal and team action plans to enhance the future effectiveness of the team