Sonia Guimaraes Bessa

Sonia holds a law degree from Brazil and is licensed to practice law in Brazil. She also holds a Master of law (LL.M) in International Business and Trade Law, from Fordham University - School of Law, New York.

Sonia has worked in the legal field since she was 18 and travelled extensively.  In the UAE she worked as a corporate attorney for an international oilfield services company. Sonia dedicated herself to the challenge of improving her quality of life and that of her family through the workings of the mind, body and soul! In pursuit of this goal, she signed up for intensive courses and successfully qualified in Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming - Master Practitioner and Coaching, certified by the USA National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Psychology, Simpsons Protocol (advanced hypnosis), Transactional Analysis, Emotional Freedom Techniques level 1 and 2. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA, and certified as Consulting Hypnotist; ( Emotional Intelligence Coaching (by NFNLP USA), Hypnosis for Kids, SleepTalk by the Goulding Institute Australia.

In practicing the techniques on herself, with friends and family; she saw astounding results with cases like diabetes, low self esteem, depression, hormonal/menopause stress, third age management, rehabilitation, smoking, weight management, self management (what many refer to as anger management), fear, anxiety, guilt, teenage empowerment, empty nest syndrome and many more. The results confirmed for her the discovery of what she calls “the untapped potential” that we all possess: the power of our subconscious mind. This indeed is an inner resource that is available to everyone; the place where dynamic and positive changes can easily be made! She decided to use what she has learned and be of service to others who are looking for a positive and permanent change in the quality of their lives, and who stand to benefit immensely from the powerful, easy and effective techniques she employs. 


Sessions are available in English and Portuguese.  In French (fluency up to advanced level).