Tanya Fakhoury

Tanya is an accomplished Emotional Intelligence Specialist, SleepTalk Consultant and a communication expert who works on empowering mothers in all areas of their lives. She mainly focuses on improving the parent-child relationship by teaching vital life skills and preventive tools rather than quick fixes. 

“In order for children to thrive and grow to be resilient and well adapted adults, parents must learn how to apply empathy in their approach to upbringing,” believes Tanya, “There is still such a low level of awareness of basic concepts yet these are easily learnt skills and crucial to help mothers become calm, conscious and confident in all aspect of life, especially parenting.”

The Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children programme has been a labour of love for Tanya. After the birth of her daughter, she experienced postpartum depression that lead to her seeking help through coaching. Having undergone an emotional transformation that impacted positevly all areas of her life, Tanya was detremined and passionate to help as many families as possible. She attended workshops, professional training, conducted extensive research and applied everything she learnt to her own children. The more Tanya expanded her knowledge and applied more skills, the better the results. After overwhelming feedback from the people she helped, she felt it had become her life mission and finally took the step to leave the security of her job of nine years.  She acquired The Change Associates with her business partner, Rita Baki, to offer the course legitimately, licensed from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai.

Tanya has since assisted hundreds of families in becoming more emotionally intelligent, building personal and authentic connections with each client. She has inspired mothers, nannies and professional caregivers with her proven solutions and gained their trust with her loyalty and integrity. The majority of her clients being Lebanese, Arabic expats & Emirati’s, Tanya delivers her programme and coaching in both English and Arabic. Culturally in tune with the Arab community, she understands the complexities and cultural issues that occur.

Tanya is qualified as an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Master NLP (Neurolingusitic Programming) Practitioner, NLP Coach, EFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She subsequently gave birth to her son using hypnobirthing. Tanya is also a member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) and IACT (International Association of Counselling Therapists).  She has received awards of Excellence from Dubai TV network, EO organisation and regular appreciation letters from the nurseries she works with. She is the Emotional Intelligent expert for Aptamil Milk (Danone) My Future Champion Academy as well as the parenting expert for Baby-Arabia. She writes for Hia Magazine and has appeared on television interviews in the Mother and Baby segment of MBC1’s morning show.